El Cavo is a visual artist living and working in Las Vegas.


About the Artist

As a teenager influenced by the vibrant colors and pop culture of the 80’s, El Cavo began spraying tags and burners on old, vacant spaces. His early work still adorns many buildings and bridges of his childhood home near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After studying Fine Art and Creative Writing at the Pennsylvania State University, he began transitioning to large abstract paintings, relying heavily on the juxtaposition of figures and words. Today he continues in that tradition, creating mostly abstract paintings, blending figures, words, and symbols in enamel and oil paints on large canvases.

El Cavo has lived around the world and held a variety of jobs that continue to inform his paintings and the concerns of the modern American. From the action sports industry, to construction and aviation, to serving among U.S. Special Operations Forces in more than a dozen deployments to various countries effected by the Global War on Terror. A distinctly American painter, El Cavo creates works that are unique, visually appealing and thought provoking; bold in color and content. His upcoming project, “Signs of the Times: Observing Modern America,” confronts current socio-political issues such as environment and war, class and gender, political positioning and media tactics, and the disillusionment of the American dream.